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About Kush Master Genetics

About Kush Master Genetics

Image by Pawel Czerwinski
Everything We Do Guarantees Quality, Potency & Flavor.

Kush Master Genetics LLC, is a minority owned premium cannabis farm located outside of Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. We pride ourselves on cultivating plants based on the medicinal needs of those who enjoy our plants while at the same time using a science-based approach to grow potent and healthy flowers always confirmed by lab results. 
We use a hands-on approach to care for our hybrid and high-quality strains.


Each plant is inspected daily and given only the best nutrients along with water from our custom filtration system.  Spider Farm lights are used throughout the facility since they can be used for the vegetation and flowering phases. We’re experts at controlling the temperature, humidity, and PH balance in our facility; a facility that exceeds industry standards. 

Part of our success is that we recognize the importance of medicinal cannabis to treat mental wellness, pain, and disease.  To do so effectively, OUR medicine would not go out of the facility unless the quality is something we’d share with a love one who may be dealing with some of the same health and wellness issues seen in so many families throughout the world.  That’s why we grow with patience and natural organic materials before suggesting you try our plants. 

Our KUSH Will Change Your Life!


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